Return of defective product

We provide a 14 day return policy on an unused product in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, and we will not charge you any return charges if the product is returned through Matkahuolto. Refunds must always be agreed with the merchant in advance.The advertising period for picking up the product is 14 days.

The defective product can be replaced with the same or an equivalent product or we will replace the purchase price.

The merchant will not reimburse the costs of return unless the return has been agreed with the merchant first.

Returns sent by cash on delivery will not be redeemed by the merchant. Customer returns only through Matkahuolto,

When returning by mail, the sender pays the costs. You will receive a Matkahuolto customer return code from the store.


Shipments broken during delivery

 Unfortunately, despite careful packaging, we do not always manage to deliver packages intact.

For this reason, it is a good idea to check the condition of the package and check for any damage to the package when you pick up the shipment.

If the shipment is damaged during Matkahuolto transportation, report the damage immediately to the travel agent.

Also contact your dealer to arrange a new product delivery.



To reach us on all orders, please follow these steps:

- Email

- By phone at 040-1920816