Kukudel Electric Kickboards/Scooters

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A new era of movement! High quality Kukudel Electric Kickboards/Scooters!

The electric kickboard/scooter is one of the best ways to move cheaply! In 2019, these convenient electronic racing games finally conquered the roads of Finland, and this year we want to bring electric kickboard/scooter to the Finnish market with a price and quality of A-Class! The electric kickboard/scooter transports you quickly and cheaply from one place to another. Whether you went to school, work or even a friend!

Find the most suitable going game for you from our selection!

However, remember:

  • Wear a helmet and that famous common sense
  • Respect other movers and traffic rules! The electric kickboarder follows normal cycling rules and rides on the bike path.
  • Focus on driving! Do not use a mobile phone and do not carry extra passengers!
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